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Greenhouse Automation

Greenhouse Automation: HappyIn Greenhouse

Making sense of sensors data in greenhouse

Numerous sensors and data loggers for greenhouse are available on market. Almost every parameter can be measured indoor and outdoor. Data is transferred to a web server or customers computer. The customer needs to decide how to use the data. Is temperature and humidity in range? Is light and water enough? Is the growth rate optimal or below optimal and why? Data analysis is still not available for practical use. And without such analysis, all advanced equipment makes very little sense.

Customer needs a simple application for data analysis and decision making. Firstly, growing model must be defined. This model should contain most important parameters for every growing stage. For example, temperature, humidity, VPD, daily light. More advanced application can use plant sensors, such as fruit size, stem diameter and leaf wetness. The application compares the actual values with the optimal ones and warns the customer if there is a significant deviation. In this case customer can adjust the actual parameters.

AgrioCom provides LoRa based energy independent data monitoring system for greenhouse. It includes all necessary sensors. Data is transferred every 10 minutes to AgriCommander cloud platform. For data analyzing and visualization AgrioCom uses plant profiles. Plant profile can be thought of as a growing pattern. It has definitions for range of sensors data and for calculated models. Profiles can be adjusted for different growing stage and for different time of the day. For example, daytime VPD, night time VPD, daily PAR integral, mean temperature, degree days, etc. If any value goes out of range, customer will get an alarm and advice, how to solve the problem. Keeping all parameters in green range will assure normal growth and even inexperienced staff can achieve good results.

There are predefined profiles for major crops. Customer can adjust existing profile or create a completely new one using AgrioCom application. Once profiles are defined, customer can see the real-time results on PC or mobile phone. Alarms can be configured if the real data deviates from model too much. Simple screen with gauges is the main dashboard. Advanced charts and tables are available for users, who would like to study data in more details.

There are 2 major types of sensors: environmental sensors and plant sensors. Both types of sensors are necessary for building a growing model. Environmental sensors allows keeping optimal conditions for growing, while plant sensors measure actual status of plant. If plants sensors show that growing rate is not as good as expected, the model must be adjusted.

Parameters depend on greenhouse size and requirements from customer.



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